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I’ve been a Dating Coach for women on their path to finding love for over 12 years.

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I’ve spoken to 2,000 men after they’ve been on dates with my clients, to help women improve their dating techniques and strategies.  So I know firsthand what men think, what men want in relationships, and what really turns them off.  I would love to share these secrets with you!


Watch the video to learn how to create connection and intimacy with men.

We all want love, whether we find it or not is a different story. Are you frustrated with your dating life? You could be in a dating grind and if so I can help you right now to make a change.  Here’s what a dating grind looks like:

  • Are you only getting attention from men you don’t want attention from?
  • Are the men you’re interested in noticing you?
  • Are you over your Ex?
  • Do you keep meeting or dating emotionally unavailable men?
  • Are you attracting the men you want?
  • Are you obsessed with what he’s thinking or what his behavior means?
  • Are you able to make the transition from casual to committed relationships?

If you’re ready for a man to open his heart to you and be completely happy in a relationship and be attracting your soulmate,

I can help you right this minute with some powerful complimentary advice and tips. Even if you have love in your life right now I can help you overcome the rocky areas.

To get started with your FREE book, Why Men Lose Interest, simply fill in your contact details on the right (in the box below the book) and you will immediately get on the right path to Winning The Game Of Love.


Welcome to Attracting Better Men, my name is Fiona Rich. I’ve helped women to create substantial results in their lives in the areas of finances, career, love, as well as health and body image.  This site is specifically about attracting and keeping the romantic love you desire in your life.

Make sure to check out the archives section of the site to immediately accelerate your love life.

You will learn tips and strategies on how you can be more successful at Winning The Game Of Love (even if you’re already married).  You will be given an array of information and insights into the mistakes you may have been making.  If you haven’t downloaded the free book yet you can put your name and email address in the box directly below to grab it now.



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